The Action Plan has four objectives:

  1. The students’ international experience and intercultural skills 
    For students to develop their international experience and intercultural skills, the ambition is to increase the proportion of students who spend some of their studies abroad to at least 25 per cent, increase support for international students, intensify internationalisation at home, and deepen collaboration with international higher education institutions.

  2. Promote the quality and utilisation of research 
    The quality and utilisation of research are to be reinforced by improving the conditions for international research collaboration, improving the visibility of research collaborations and improving support for innovation and utilisation.

  3. The global challenges and Agenda 2030
    International collaboration is to intensify to contribute to the work on the global challenges and Agenda 2030. The University’s role as an agent for societal challenges is to be reinforced and collaboration with key players on the national level is to increase.

  4. The employees’ international experience and intercultural skills
    Employees are to have good international experience and intercultural skills. This is to be developed in part through increased international mobility among employees and in part through reinforcing quality in internationalisation at home and in contacts with international staff and students.

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